How to join the project
The oil according Veronell

Companies that want to join the project "the oil according Veronelli" must be downloaded from the link next to the Identity Card Manufacturer fill it out and send it to the e-mail or send it by fax to +39 030 41440 and you'll soon from us contacted.
Fill your Company for the identity card of the Producer and join the project created by Luigi Veronelli.

Identity Card Manufacturer

Production discipline

Each grower who adheres scrupulously to the following production rules has a chance to become great (in the sense of excellence) manufacturer.
Farms with a small oil mill, will produce The oil according Veronelli in the same olive groves.
Separanda peel and pulp from the core is substantially eliminate the pollution problems related to waste production. Peel and pulp after extraction become the lifeblood of the olive grove. The core, in contrast, is sought in the cosmetics industry and food supplements. Thanks to the quality and traceability, the consumer will be appreciated, is to reconstruct the history and location of production their "oil according Veronelli".

The oil such as wine,
the olive tree as the screw.

From the manual collection and separate the cultivars, excluding the core before a gentle extraction monocultivar, born Oil according Veronelli

Discipline of Production

The roles of the Partners


Traceability, Quality,

Creator of the project, its management of the website where every visitor can verify the traceability of each production, know the peculiarities and possibly buy it from the online store "the oil as the Wine" (via direct delivery).
Organize events with participation in trade fairs and conferences in which they are presented the project and the products "Oil According Veronelli".
It also coordinates the documentary part of the whole supply chain consists of:
Identity Card, which will be published on the website, Manual Q & T (Quality and Traceability)
Production Regulations, Notebooks country and crusher, technical procedures,
Minutes of company visits, emission bands numbered with the brand "Olioro-Veronelli-Agrobios"
number of liters produced in the year.
also verifies the full application of the product specification (campaign-mill).
Finally, make a further check on the veracity of the products before marketing, making use of the possibility of random tests at the companies that Produce.

Luigi Veronelli

Veronelli Publisher

Writer and journalist, inspirer of the "oil like wine, the olive tree as the vine", gave the name to the entire project, allowing its use to growers who participate. The Veronelli Publisher gives continuity to the initiative of Gino with the hiring of the operational role of overall coordination of the project and attentive relationship with the world of the production of second Veronelli, together with the supervision of external communications.


It 'a research company that studies the varietal identification of cultivar and its genetic profile, also conducts research in the chemical profile of the mono-varietal oils, defining peculiarities and differences. For each sample of units olive grove, performing chemical analysis and organoleptic for compliance with the rules of production; processes the nutritional table, providing information on the chemical analysis to be included on the label; authorizing the issuance of the bands.